Nidi - dogtrot

art direction
brand identity
design direction
set design


Renewing communication and highlighting designs for different age groups, creating a line dedicated to teens.


Action to restructure the brand's identity, both on and off line, and to develop product design that highlights the distinction between various age groups.

Creative direction

A new color palette, combined with a wide range of fabrics.

Art direction and Design direction

From the creative direction behind new product collections to the DOTS project, a system of boiserie, poufs, and accessories designed by Margherita Rui.

Set design

Freedom to design customised spaces built around the requirements of children and teens.


The relationship between the kid and his room, a fantastic adventure with NIDI systems as a setting.

Art direction

Kids, Teens, and Elements: a new editorial series started with these three volumes to show the entire NIDI collection, broken down by room and product function.

Art direction

The editorial series continues in 2020 to reveal new products and finishes for the kids and young adults worlds.

Art direction

What's Next? - a catalog that speaks straight to end consumers, young adults. A novelty in the typeface, in the colors, and in the subdivision: the products are arranged in four macro-areas that help users in designing their spaces.  

Art direction

The catalog features a digital version, where animations and interactions help to discover the NIDI world engagingly.

Salone del mobile

Each room is a colorful world to express the wonder of new finishes and new products for kids and young adults.


A shot to describe the new product range dedicated to kids.


A digital catalogue where you can get inspired and find product details.

Digital content

A way to inspire users and designers with lots of helpful tips. Contents to highlight the NIDI product in both form and function.

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