Chi siamo - dogtrot
our studio

Headed by Margherita Rui, dogtrot's epicenter is knowledge intersection.

We are a hybrid network of designers, strategists, image crafters, storytellers, go-getters, perfectionists, forecasters, and questioners. Full team, full service.

We transform ideas into iconic brands. We help brands evolve with relevance.

And if a brand has already had its day, we bring it back to the present.

15 Years
+700 Projects
20 Current customers
16 Professionals
+1.9M 2022 turnover
our people

CEO – Strategic Planner Alessandro Rado
Founder – Creative Director Margherita Rui
Margherita Rui Creative Director & Founder
Alessandro Rado CEO
Michela Trevisan COO & HR Manager
Giuliana Fantuz Administrative Manager
Elena Bozzetto Art Director
Daniele Frattolin Art Director
Jacopo Renai Sales Manager
Federica Saccon Architect
Dario Cazzin Senior PM, Account & Digital Strategist
Barbara Kunst Client director
Lorena Zanardo Client director
Camilla Del Zotto Content & Project Manager
Valentina Gregianin PM & Architect
Katia Menegaldo Product Designer
Antonella Di Nuzzo Designer
Giulia Montesi Graphic Designer