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While world logistics still uses standard pallets, Franco is a start-up that aims to disrupt this system entirely. So, it came out with smart custom-made, self-assembly pallets and a service that improves their management. They called us for an identity as disruptive as their own ambition.


We stepped away from the industry formalities. From the brand's revolutionary nature, we crafted an identity that shook up the corporate pallets world and the B2B communication. From there, we developed the different touchpoints the start-up needed to break into the market: corporate image, website, and pitch deck for commercial use.

Brand identity

Franco's identity stands out from other pallet companies due to its original and enjoyable use of the design system and language. From the dynamic logotype to the use of illustrations, from the choice of bold colors to an unconventional ToV, Franco's identity has a disruptive energy, breaking away from the rigid corporate aesthetic of its market. Both online and IRL.


Franco splits into two business assets: the custom-made pallets and the MMR service. We designed its website by halving the navigation in these two macro areas, clearly narrating Franco's entire and articulated ecosystem, balancing creativity and integrity.


We made a short CGI video to help users understand how the custom-made pallet works. The various pallet elements float to the music beat - exclusively produced for the video - suspended on an immersive dark background while interacting until they finally join together.

Sales kit

To support Franco's commercial strategy, we created a sales kit that collects pitch decks and digital brochures that comes in very helpful when introducing the brand to prospects and leads.


Franco is a physical brand. Beyond designing identity-matched stationery, we branded the pallet boards, packaging, and the Loopgistic service tool: the BackBox.

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