Ninefifty - dogtrot

art direction
creative direction
creative direction
product design


Describing the project and its intrinsic bond with the territory surrounding and including Caltagirone and its tradition. Looking for the right type of communication to highlight the distinctive features of the product and to define a strategy capable of positioning and evolving the brand.


Ninefifty is a Sicilian brand with a contemporary soul whose identity is deeply rooted in tradition, meeting design under the artistic direction of Margherita Rui. Materials and their imperfections become the main features of these surfaces and their strong graphic impact.

Art direction

Materials and colours, geometric patterns and shapes, techniques and research: these are the key words that form the narrative of the whole project.

Website and social media design and management:

A digital narrative that describes the compositional properties of Ninefifty’s handmade terracotta and lava stone surfaces.

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