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Dante Negro forges metal for people, architects, and brands. And it has been doing so since the 60s. Yet, if yesterday the company focus was local, today it is renewing itself as a start-up with an international face. They asked us to be in charge of the creative direction.


We went beyond design identity, communication strategy, and product design to start from the very beginning: business assets and positioning. Once we figured this out, we crafted a dual narrative between service and product, setting down the new identity, communication touchpoints, and designs - CMF too. As creative director of the brand, Margherita Rui revisited archive furniture, designed a contemporary outdoor collection, and selected the new Dante Negro designers.

Brand Identity

A refined and deeply technical aesthetic, where the workshop daily life shapes each element: a focus on the product genesis and its production process.

Company profile

The company's story, from day zero and the collaboration with Toni Benetton, to the recent generational change. A narrative articulated through the brand's production abilities, its craftsmanship district, and the continuous craving for research and experimentation. Moodboards and architectural parties' mockups - designed ad hoc to inspire designers - completed the volume.


The metal metamorphosis, in all its shades. We investigated Dante Negro craft methods with an experimental approach, moving beyond metal to identify complementary materials and innovative treatments. The outcome was housed in a practical Inspirational Book.

The past is not gone

From Dante Negro's archives, 17 families of historic outdoor furniture are revisited. A contemporary interpretation of romantic, antique forms styled with a new CMF inspired by nature.

Art direction

A dreamlike landscape became the setting for The Past Is Not Gone collection, captured through Mattia Balsamini's lenses in a suspended-in-time dimension. A scenario that stimulates wonder and surprise among flowers and plants.


The first product designed by Margherita Rui for the contemporary collection. A reinterpretation of the gazebo, the brand's iconic element, elevated from a simple product to a domestic space where landscape, architecture, and people enter symbiosis.

Creative direction

The wrought iron expressivity lies in the hand-made skills. We stepped away from industrial processes to elevate craftsmanship to an absolute value: unique, impossible to replicate, and palpable in all the material's tiny irregularities.


We guided Dante Negro on its debut at a trade fair. Dolmen premiered at EDIT Napoli 2022, an event dedicated to editorial design that pays special attention to craftsmanship.


One bespoke service, two outdoor collections. The new Dante Negro website narrates the brand's three units clearly and comprehensively.


Dante Negro's digital ecosystem, a connection between various platforms where projects, collections, events and behind-the-scenes content are explored.

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